Facebook: Ease of access to personal details is only the tip of the iceberg

Whilst Facebook is facing its own challenges regarding trust and compromise of customer data via the Cambridge Analytica scandal, concerns regarding this technology at a personal level are much more pervasive and can create difficult situations for couples involving emotional intimacy and fidelity. The ease of access to personal details is obvious but additionally is the ease at which private communication can take place including access and the sharing of intimate information and pornographic images. Facebook is increasing cited in divorce proceedings in both the US and UK.

Social media has changed the daily lives of couples by:

  • How they stay in touch with others (and reconnect with people);
  • The way couples make friends, how they find acquaintances and how others find partners by connecting with people anywhere in the world;
  • How couples do business, how businesses connect to buyers and potential buyers;
  • How they reveal themselves and share information;
  • How couples allow their voice to be heard – to amplify a message; and
  • How they learn.

Whilst most of the qualities that help sustain a good relationship have not changed – commitment, effective communication, constructive conflict and patience, honesty, forgiveness amongst others – there is strong evidence that couples are using these technologies to enhance their relationships. Both the opportunities and threats associated with the use of internet and mobile technologies including the stress associated with their use by couples must be understood and considered to ensure effective communication in all their life stages.


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