62% of women suggest that their mobile phone distracts their spouse or partner when they are together

The internet, mobile phones and social media have become key players in the life of couples, with many claiming they have had an impact on their relationship. In less than 10 years, digital technology has made itself felt in most relationships – in how couples communicate, grow closer, plan, fight and make up.

Whilst most say the impact is positive, in a recent survey by the Pennsylvania State University and Brigman Young University, 62% of women claimed that technology interfered with time spent with their partner and almost one third of respondents said their boyfriend has looked at his smartphone while they were talking.

Termed ‘Phubbing’, researchers are saying phone snubbing is killing relationships and the impact cannot be underestimated. The internet, mobile phones and social media, for many is either an important or emerging issue.

Understanding the influence and implications of internet, mobile phone and social media use on your relationship and the implications is critical.


  • McDaniel, B: 2016: The Pennsylvania State University and
  • Coyne, S: 2016 Brigman Young University.

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