One marriage, one life: Celebrate your Anniversary in style

Once a year, every married couple is able to celebrate their day. The day they made a vow to pledge, to accept and respect, to share, to be open, and most of all to Love.

16 Years ago I made that very pledge, a commitment to my wife that we celebrate today… and boy you can do a lot in 16 years. On that day pledged to support, to grow, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health – little did we realise that we had all those things ahead of us.

Now 16 years on, that bond remains and the ups and downs were truely delivered. But as each year passes, I realise the strength I have, in you – in me! Whilst we are intentional and leave little to chance, not everything is covered in the plan. Its important to reflect on those many achievements, the goals that we set, the many boxes that we ticked, the large mountains we climbed and the many streams of water that have passed under our bridge.

Anchored in change, we have evolved both as a couple and individually and whilst there are many a checklist ahead, we know that we are not alone. We have each each other, the desire, the spirit and tenacity in loads, to keep this ship on course and moving forward. Together as family we have succeeded, riding the wave of certainty and unknown but always in the knowledge that we’ll do it together.

To know we’ll tackle this together, I’ll take another 16 years… because ‘I do’ was meant and ‘to do’ will continue with Love.

Happy Anniversary my Love.

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