Don’t take it personally: 10 Ways to Take Care of Your Extrovert Partner

By Sheila Frye, guest author – Associated Counselors & Psychologists Sydney

Just because your partner has to go out nearly all the time doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to spend time alone with you. Extroverts are hardwired to socialise the same way introverts recharge by staying in.

A typical day for an extrovert is likely to include lots of talking, being with people, or just being busy, but what they might not realise is that they are already too exhausted to function properly.

While extroverts are generally seen as happy people, they also encounter personality clashes, such as when their partner is more reserved or introverted.

    9. Don’t take it personally.
    However, if you start to feel neglected by your partner, don’t wait until you’re too upset that your emotions blow up in your face. Talk to your mate and let them know how you feel. During the conversation, you should also ask your partner how he or she feels about what you just confessed, and then you can proceed to coming up ways to deal with the issue.

A lot of extroverts are often misunderstood as happy-go-lucky people. But before you decide to join that bandwagon, you have to play fair with your partner and try looking at things from their perspective. Take advantage of the fact that extroverts like to talk, and make sure that you get your point across.

There are times when clashing of a couple’s personalities can’t be resolved between partners alone. If you have a reason to believe that you and your partner’s issues are bordering on being out of control, you can opt to escalate your relationship problems to a professional who can give you proper advice. In any case, it’s still worth trying these ways to show your love for your extrovert partner.

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