Appreciate what they bring to the table: 10 Ways to Take Care of Your Extrovert Partner

By Sheila Frye, guest author – Associated Counselors & Psychologists Sydney

Spotting an extrovert in a crowd is the exact opposite of finding a needle in a haystack. More often than not, extroverts are the ones who easily mingle with anyone whether it’s a familiar face or a fresh acquaintance. They know most people in the room—either that or they’re working on it. In some cases, they are the actual life of the party

Here’s the thing: making friends with an extrovert is the easy part. However, being in a relationship with one can be a bit taxing especially if you’re the more laidback type and prefer silence. The truth is, while extroverts are generally seen as happy people, they also encounter personality clashes, such as when their partner is more reserved or introverted.

    7. Appreciate what they bring to the table
    You may be content in keeping a small circle of friends, but you can count on your extroverted partner to have several groups they enjoy being with, and expanding them even more. While it’s okay to stick to your preferred company, take the time to appreciate the advantages of your partner’s extraversion. Extroverts make friends like they’re born to do it, and through this gift you can enjoy certain perks.One example would be a fair network especially if you and your partner are professionals and are always looking for opportunities to further your career. Even a simple acquaintance your partner makes with a good chef can point you to the best restaurant in town. The point is, take the time to appreciate how your partner’s extraversion rakes in good stuff to your relationship.

A lot of extroverts are often misunderstood as happy-go-lucky people. But before you decide to join that bandwagon, you have to play fair with your partner and try looking at things from their perspective. Take advantage of the fact that extroverts like to talk, and make sure that you get your point across.

There are times when clashing of a couple’s personalities can’t be resolved between partners alone. If you have a reason to believe that you and your partner’s issues are bordering on being out of control, you can opt to escalate your relationship problems to a professional who can give you proper advice. In any case, it’s still worth trying these ways to show your love for your extrovert partner.

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