Are you aware of your partner’s goals?

Sometimes one partner’s lack of awareness of their partners goals is interpreted as a lack of support. But if you talk with your partner about your goals and desires, he or she will be better able to encourage and support you, and vice versa. Support from your partner can be one of the most powerful ways to change negative behaviour.

Ask your partner today, what they want to achieve over the next year. Arrange a time to reflect on aspects that will contribute to your partners growth (and yours). Whether it be about learning new skills, changing a core aspect of your life (such as your job) or working towards a healthier lifestyle, ask the question and let this be an opportunity for growth.

Discuss your goals and work them into a coherent plan, act on the plan and review the plan regularly. Keep the plan up-to-date and fresh, and assign specific time to review it. By spending specific time together, your relationship will strengthen and this focus on your goals will give you a break from the stress of daily life. Know that it may be hard and that distractions and diversions will tend to obstruct our focus, but believe that you will get there.

Take some time this weekend to share your goals with your partner and ask about theirs! This year, make a resolution that really matters — commit your relationship to growth and resolve to make your marriage even better.

From the team at, be intentional about your relationship and have a safe and loving 2016.

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