Happy Anniversary my Love.

Koons @ ThePompidou

15 Years ago we made a pledge, to accept and respect, To share, to be open, and most of all to Love; Our commitment, we told the world: Forever the bequest, To all we exclaimed – Love, that is all.

We proposed to support each other, to grow, To love and to hold, in Sickness and in Health, With God as our witness, we did not know what we would grow to know.

That within 15 years, that bond remains, transforming through Love, Intentional in thought, Intentional in deed, Anchored in change, our resolve unwavering;

Sailing the winds of life, no mean feat – indeed. 15 years on, I realise the strength I have, in you – in me! Leaving little to chance, large mountains did slide, No plan too large, no box unticked, We‘d take on the best, leaving nowhere to hide.

Ahead our horizon, looms large and imposing, But we each had each other, the desire, the spirit, Tenacity in loads, move to the next, the Lord commanding; We lift our heads and together as family, Love resounding, Love resounding – Love, that is all.

To know we’ll tackle this together, I’ll take another 15, Because ‘I do’ was meant and ‘to do’ will continue with Love.

Happy Anniversary my Love.

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