Develop a family mission statement and define your core values and goals: Eight ways to enrich marriage and family relationships

As a family, do you know what are you trying to achieve? Does you family work under a core set of values that are understood by all family members? Have you ever gathered together and discussed what these things may look like? A deep, valuable and unifying experience for your family is to discuss and develop a family mission statement.

All Relationships including those with your spouse and children (and others) tend towards entropy, disorder and dissolution. Marriage and divorces can be disastrous for those concerned, especially for children. Being intentional and principle centred can revitalise and enrich your marriage, ensuring your marriage is sustained and endures.

Adapted from the late Stephen R. Coveys book, Principle Centred Leadership, the following 8 ways to Enrich Marriage and Family Relationships provides a guide to principles that are important to marriage. Each principle requires reflection, discussion and action.

These eight principles help to make marriage last:

    Principle 8 – Develop a family mission statement. Define core values and goals:
    The urgent things are often those that keep us away from focusing on what is important. If we don’t have a clear idea of what is important, of the results we desire in our life, we will be easily diverted into responding to the urgent.

    A practical approach to keep you on track is to establish a family mission statement.

    The process of discussing our values, individual and shared goals can change the dynamic of family life. Then through considered thought and understanding we can work towards agreeing our mission statement. It will change overtime, so revisit it.

    Reconsider and reshape family roles if required. Ongoing we can direct our efforts towards common goals ensuring efforts are not misdirected.

    Through the mission or vision and through love and understanding, we can build an atmosphere based on mutual respect.

Sit down with your family this weekend and have a go.

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