Regain internal security: Eight ways to Enrich Marriage and Family Relationships

The importance of self, raising self-awareness and self esteem and their impact on relationships cannot be underestimated. Being secure in oneself or working towards improving oneself, requires constant and consistent focus and through refining our physical, intellectual, social and spiritual self, we can enable greater personal effectiveness and better interpersonal relations. The vital elements of self and regeneration, internal security, personal worth, value and security, ensuring a rich private life, appreciating nature, giving service and showing integrity are all associated with Covey’s principle centered approach.

All Relationships including those with your spouse and children (and others) tend towards entropy, disorder and dissolution. Marriage and divorces can be disastrous for those concerned, especially for children. Being intentional and principle centred can revitalise and enrich your marriage, ensuring your marriage is sustained and endures.

Adapted from the late Stephen R. Coveys book, Principle Centred Leadership, the following 8 ways to Enrich Marriage and Family Relationships provides a guide to principles that are important to marriage. Each principle requires reflection, discussion and action.

These eight principles help to make marriage last:

Principle 7 – Regain internal security:

Take the time to focus on your physical, intellectual, social and spiritual self. We are all in a state of entropy and only consistent and continued refinement and attention to all of these areas will ensure an upward spiral of growth, change, and continuous improvement in ourselves and our relationships. Learn to take care of yourself.

Exercise whenever you can and feel the chemical change in your body. Get out doors and enjoy the world. Despite the challenges, it truly is a beautiful world we live in.

Focus on getting better, rather than being good. Improvement becomes the norm and if we take this into our relationship, we can focus on improving it rather than thinking that it ought to be perfect. If we appreciate that change is inevitable, therefore focusing on getting better through enhanced awareness and careful exploration of issues and by developing and improving skills to deal with those issues we remain flexible and allow for error and therefore alleviate anxiety. Enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

Enjoy a rich private life, give service and show integrity. Participate in community events and work on at least one area where you can give service to benefit others. Be it via a volunteer organisation or individual seeking support, connect and assist others.

Principle eight, next week…

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