Are you able to express yourself in a healthy, non-defensive, and non-insistent way? Consider your communication style and notice when you slip into dysfunctional patterns: Turn your relationship towards win-win!

No one is perfect, and there will likely be times when you or your partner succumb to using passive or aggressive communication. Notice when this happens, make amends and vow to make this the exception rather than the norm, and your relationship will grow!


communication styles

What is your communication style? Generally, there are four common styles:

  1. Passive
  2. Aggressive
  3. Passive aggressive
  4. Assertive

Following on from last weeks post, it is important to recognise your primary communication style and that any combination of passive and aggressive communication styles can be detrimental to your relationship over time, as they result in lower levels of intimacy.

4. Assertive

Assertive communicators are able to express themselves in a healthy, non-defensive, and non-insistent way. They can ask for what they want while remaining positive and respectful. Exercising assertive communication encourages the other person to respond assertively as well, creating a positive cycle in relationships.

If only one person is assertive and the other is passive or aggressive, the relationship may still suffer.

The chart below shows that there is really only one “win-win” combination:


Consider your communication style and notice when you slip into dysfunctional patterns and turn your relationship towards win-win!

Source: The Couple Checkup Book ©2008

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