Successful Couples Resist Temptation and Distraction

Nine things successful couples do differently (Part 8).

Successful couples resist temptation and distraction – they do not tempt fate. They tell their spouse where they are going, with whom and when they will be home. They hold no secrets. In marriage, successful couples are intentional about their relationship, they communicate well and often. Following on from last weeks blog, successful couples do the following things:

    8. They do not tempt fate: Most people are often overconfident in their ability to resist temptation. Successful couples know that reaching their goals is hard and they do not make it harder. They make themselves an if-then plan to mitigate issues – to mitigate those risks. 
    They resist temptation and distraction. They rest and they remain fresh. They don’t turn to Facebook , work, alcohol or whatever other distraction is presented to them. They tell their spouse what they did, with whom and when, when they are away from them. They hold no secrets. Successful couples resist temptation.

Tune in for tip 9 in this series next week at

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