Successful couples seize the moment to act on their goals

Nine things successful couples do differently (Part 2)

Successful couples reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do. In marriage, successful couples are intentional about their relationship, they communicate well and often.

Following on from last weeks blog, successful couples do the following things:

    2. They seize the moment to act on their goals: Successful couples discuss their goals, they work them into a coherent plan, they act on the plan and review it regularly to meet their goals. They do whatever it takes to make it happen – they act today. They keep their plan up-to-date and fresh, and assign specific time to review it. By spending specific time together, their relationship strengthens and this focus on their goals gives them a break from the stress of daily life. They accept that it may be hard and that distractions and diversions will tend to obstruct their plans, but they believe that they will get there…. they seize the moment.

Tune in for tip 3 in this series next week at

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