Giving cohabiting couples the same rights as married couples will undermine men’s commitment

On the face of it, there’s an obvious injustice. A couple can live together for many years, share a life together, build a family together. But when the couple split up, one person can take all of the assets with him or her. Usually it’s a ‘him’. I gave an example of this in my previous post.

All of this happens because the couple never married. ‘Common law marriage’ does not exist and never has. Yes, the children are protected by law. No, the partner left with nothing is not. It’s an injustice that seems easy enough to correct with a change in the law. Cohabiting couples get the same or similar rights to married couples to prevent this from happening.

But should they?

Leave aside that this will end up as a lawyer’s charter. Realistically, any new law would need the clarity of only applying to a…

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