Simplicity: Create a short, three step plan

Key to relationship harmony is taking complex tasks and distilling them into a short list that you and your partner can understand and remember. And that list should be no more than three, at most.

The fact that there are only three seems to be the sweet spot for what our brain can remember day-to-day. Think about a time you had to make a quick run to the grocery store – if you have to pick up eight things, it’s a good bet you’ll be reaching for a scrap of paper to make a list before you head out the door.

This skill – to create simplicity out of complexity – is important for relationship harmony.

In the marriage context, planning requires two respectful minds communicating to create solutions. Beyond positioning and compromise, seek to understand your partners needs and interests and find solutions to satisfy both.

List your three tasks and get moving on achieving your couple goals today.

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