Social media and the impact on relationships

Social media has many benefits for an effective society but there are also areas to watch out for. The continued stream of information in social networks can be entertaining and can provide a healthy distraction from the daily grind. It can however also distract us from the attention of out loved ones.

The ability to be constantly online via the internet on a mobile device can enhance productivity however it can also impact our relationships due to the continued pervasiveness of communication outside of normal working hours. Additionally the anxiety created if messages are left unread for a period of time can create unease for the diligent employee.

What barriers can I implement to protect my relationship from the perils of Social Media use in my relationship?

Get in the habit of turning off the T.V. and other devices (i.e. your mobile phone) and spend time with each other daily. No distractions. Turn off your mobile, switch off for at Least 2 hours when you get home from work or when you have allocated time with your partner, this will really impress them.

One very easy approach is to put your phone (and theirs) in a shoebox when you walk in the door. Inform your colleagues that you are unavailable during these times (i.e. Mealtimes or agreed allocated times or weekends) and let the calls go through to voicemail. Emails: same story, reply to them after the allocated time has finished.

Treasure time with your partner and switch off regularly.

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