The value of relationship assessments for married couples

Relationship assessments or relationship inventories offer a number of advantages for married or long-term relationship couples who are completing these program’s.

For Couples, relationship assessments:

  • Help increase awareness of both strength and potential growth areas.
  • they help stimulate discussion concerning issues vital to their relationship.
  • they primes couples for learning valuable communication and conflict resolution skills.
  • they functions as a preventive tool to help couples become aware of important issues before they turn into major problems.

Overall the relationship assessment:

  • Provides a wealth of diagnostic information about the couple’s relationship.
  • it enhances a facilitator’s ability to work with the married couple.
  • it provides a detailed summary of important relationship issues allows specific to the couple relationship.
  • it provides a perspective on both “his” and “her” view of the relationship and the amount of agreement between them.
  • it offers an effective and efficient way to learn more about a couple.

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