Day 24: A better life with my wife in 30-days – Understand your partners love language

At the end of the day, it’s the small stuff that sends a message about whom we care about most.

Over the next 30-Days, join me in a journey to becoming a more humble and caring husband, a husband that is fully engaged in his relationship. A husband who considers his wife and is aware of what he does and how that impacts his wife’s life. Working towards ensuring his wife knows she is important.

Learning to appreciate that incremental, small changes can make a difference, join me and take these small steps to improving your life with your wife. Start today and make changes that will last a lifetime.

    Day 24: Understand your partners love language. We often appreciate different things to our partner, whether that be in the form of a thank you or simply spending quality time with your partner or giving a bunch of flowers, a kiss or doing a job around the house to express our love and appreciation. If we give what we like, it may be different to what our partner prefers.

    Gary Chapman in his book the five love languages, suggests that by knowing our love language and our partners, we can make intentional steps to express our love as our partner sees the world. Whether it be an act if service, words of affirmation, quality time, a gift or physical touch, understand and act today.

    So, how is it with you and the “little stuff?” Go to 5 Love languages

Start today and make those incremental, small but significant changes to improving your life with your wife. Tune in for Day 25 tomorrow…

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