Day 21: A better life with my wife in 30-days – Understand and manage stress

At the end of the day, it’s the small stuff that sends a message about whom we care about most.

Over the next 30-Days, join me in a journey to becoming a more humble and caring husband, a husband that is fully engaged in his relationship. A husband who considers his wife and is aware of what he does and how that impacts his wife’s life. Working towards ensuring his wife knows she is important.

Learning to appreciate that incremental, small changes can make a difference, join me and take these small steps to improving your life with your wife. Start today and make changes that will last a lifetime.

    Day 21: Understand and manage stress. In today’s modern society, stress is prevalent, we all experience it. Stressors are events that cause an emotional and/or physical reaction. They can be positive or negative but what is important is being able to manage the many stressors in our lives.

    When we develop self-awareness and understand that impacts of stress and share our stress in a healthy way with our partner, we have a better chance of effectively managing our stress. One way to manage stress is to prioritise the issues that are most important to you. Decide which can be changed or resolved and which can not. Focus on the high priority, able to change stressors and decide with you partner the changes you can make. Understand those that are difficult to change and work on coping strategies with your partner. When we understand them, we’re in a better position to manage our stress and take care of ourselves… and improve our relationship.


  • What are the current stressors in our life right now?
  • What ones are high priority and able to change?
  • How can we manage these stressors better on a day-to-day basis?
  • What stressors are difficult to change?
  • What are the coping strategies we can implement to deal with these stressors?
  • What do I need from my partner to help me better manage my stress?
  • When we manage our stress effectively, we will reap positive benefits within our relationship – our partner will thank us!

Start today and make those incremental, small but significant changes to improving your life with your wife. Tune in for Day 22 tomorrow…

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