Day 14: A better life with my wife in 30-days – Create an action plan for change and write it down

At the end of the day, it’s the small stuff that sends a message about whom we care about most.

Over the next 30-Days, join me in a journey to becoming a more humble and caring husband, a husband that is fully engaged in his relationship. A husband who considers his wife and is aware of what he does and how that impacts his wife’s life. Working towards ensuring his wife knows she is important.

Learning to appreciate that incremental, small changes can make a difference, join me and take these small steps to improving your life with your wife. Start today and make changes that will last a lifetime.

    Day 14: Create an action plan for change and write it down. We are now over half way through… Now it’s time to really challenged yourself. It’s okay if you’re the only one willing to spice things up at first. In time you’ll find that your spouse will be more receptive to the changes you’ve made, especially if you don’t point out your changes or nag your spouse about changing.

    Today’s task is more about you than your wife. List the things that you want to change in your marriage, whether that be leaving work on time each day, or early on a certain day. It may be the changes to your attitude that is going to make a difference to your marriage – i.e. Listening and letting your wife talk before interrupting.

    Make a list and talk it through with your wife. Explain that whilst you are committed to these changes, it is likely that there will be set backs, but the aim is to always come back to these basic principles. They are likely to change over time, but they are a starting point for the ‘new life with your wife’.

Start today and make those incremental, small but significant changes to improving your life with your wife. Tune in for Day 15 tomorrow…

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