Get your Relationship Back in Track

Write three good things a day for three weeks and bring a more positive attitude to your relationship.

If we recognise that our attitude to our partner impacts on our relationship, then small changes in our behaviour can make a huge difference.

Bring a positive approach to your relationship everyday for three weeks. Write three good things about your partner and reflex on the good aspects of your relationship. Follow this up by asking questions, by listening and validating your partners feelings.

Reflect on how you communicate and how you start conversations. Do you often jump in with your view before asking about your partners? Do you make assumptions without fully understanding our partners view? Worse still, are you critical of your partners view? Consider a softer launch, accept your partners view and resist criticism.

Try it today: be intentional about being positive and think about how you start conversations. Break the patterns of negativity and start this new approach today.

More, next week…

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