Change your attitude, change you marriage

If we recognise that our attitude to our partner impacts on our relationship, then slight changes in our behaviour can make a huge impact.

Criticism: given that we are different and that we won’t always see eye to eye, a reflection on how we communicate and how we start those conversations is worth reflection. Do you often jump in with your view before asking about your partners? Do you make assumptions without fully understanding our partners view? Worse still, are you critical of your partners view? Stop! Consider a softer launch, accept your partners view and resist criticism.

Take a different approach towards reconciling your differences. Ask questions, listen, then validate the feeling and don’t criticise. Disagreements and differences are an inevitable part of every relationship and what matters most is how we discuss and solve disagreements.

Break the patterns of negativity and take a positive approach to solving problems. Try it today: Take a deep breath and seek to work out issues to the mutual satisfaction of both partners as they arise – be alert to the early warning signs. Be intentional about reconciling differences and work towards resolving conflict in the best possible way.

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