Make 2013 the ‘Year of your Marriage’

How many of you have set a plan for the year that is to come, a plan for your family, and a plan for your marriage – A Marriage Plan?

How does one go about creating a Marriage Plan? First, you need to allocate time for you and your partner to be together without any distractions. Create the right scene and space without the kids, disconnected from technology – that’s right, no laptop or smartphone – and focus on the year ahead and the goals you are hoping to achieve. Spend some time praying about and discussing the following categories of your life:

Reminisce: Talk about how you met and what first attracted you to each other. Tell them what you most admire;

Growth: Discuss self-improvement opportunities including health and fitness, food and nutrition, education, career, faith/spirituality, volunteering, community work and ministry opportunities. Ask how can you support your partner succeed and listen;

Plan regular date nights: Schedule separate date nights with your partner and with each member of your family, and with the family all-together.

You don’t have to get it right the first time. This is part of life’s journey of learning and developing. You will get there if you are willing to invest the time and effort to developing a plan with your partner.

Tune in next week, for the remainder of the plan.

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