Nine things successful couples do differently (Part 4)

Successful couples reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do. In marriage, successful couples are intentional about their relationship, they communicate well and often.

Following on from last weeks blog, successful couples do the following things:

4. They are realistic optimists: A huge issue for many is over-optimism and over-commitment. All the best motivational speakers and self-improvement guru’s say that being optimistic is critical but they don’t tell you of the broken dreams and promises not met. Successful couples are optimistic but realistic. They also keep check of their commitments and they reassess them regularly. They believe they are going to succeed but they don’t for a moment think that it is going to be easy. They keep their eye on their goals, but they know that most will only be realised through effort, persistence and careful planning. They are realistic about how hard it may be and they plan to deal with those issues and problems as they arise. They visualise the steps to success and they assess the risks and mitigate them always.

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